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Welcome to e-Learning

 We provide students all over the world with conducive environment & resources needed to study anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re looking for a distance learning course, want to study online at home, or you want to experience College life on campus, we have we have it all.

At the Academy we endeavor to be the leaders in the provision of the ever-growing need of skills and knowledge in the corporate professional environment, practical skills transfer in the workplace and the need for career progression opportunities

We urge you to explore your options with us, today! It’s our goal to help you get started on a course that transforms your future.  

Be assured that our integrated learning experience combines specially curated content and access to a subject matter experts. We give instant feedback, interact with students, check your knowledge with frequent quizzes and let dedicated learning facilitators guide you – all in the comfort and convenience of your own environment and timeline


Why e-study? Why Distance Learning? 

A schedule of your own

Learning from home is not just about not moving: the beauty of it is that you can log in to your online course at any time of the day and take all the time you need to review concepts you are struggling to understand. Your schedule is your own: forget waking up early to go to class, missing vital lessons due to your work shifts, and meeting strict assignment deadlines. Most online courses are self-paced, meaning that they lack a class timetable and can last as long as each individual student needs, regardless of any obstacles standing in the way of their education and even disregarding time zones

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Learning; Distance learning has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and for many people, it is expected to become the preferred choice of further education. There are a few reasons why distance learning is a worthwhile alternative to furthering your education and improving your skills:


Reduced costs

Online education is cheaper: online courses are offered at reduced rates or even for free because they are more cost-efficient and this in turn reflects on student fees. The students can complete the course requirements without the burden of travelling or finding a place to stay near the institution and that the learning material normally comes with enrolment and does not require additional, expensive textbooks. This makes online learning the ideal solution for economically disadvantaged students and goes a long way in creating equal opportunities to be successful in life

Home, sweet home

There are many reasons why a student may not want or be able to attend class. Some have conflicting commitments such as work or caring for family members, others have health conditions preventing them from leaving their home or hospital room, and the list goes on. The first and most obvious advantage of online education is that it does not require physical attendance: all you need is an Internet connection and you can participate in courses from an institution based on the other side of the world without leaving your room. This not only negates logistical problems such as distance and mobility, but also creates opportunities to study whatever you want regardless of where the course is offered.

Sanitize, Masksize, Social Distancize & Stay Learning

   Our                  e-Courses


-Online courses-


Why online learning is the best choice?​

  • Study materials / textbooks are  included with your tuition fees

  • No application fee

  • Flexibility and the freedom to study around work and other commitments

  • Study from home or from any other location that is convenient for you

  • Study at your own pace, in your own time

  • Affordable payment terms that suit your pocket

  • Save on transport and accommodation costs that usually come with face to face tuition

  • And most importantly, you can have a full time job and study at the same time​​

-Digital / Virtual Classes-

Join our world-class virtual classroom directed by our subject matter expert Educators designed in a live online format. Lessons for full courses range in duration from 1- 5 weeks, accessing up to 50 hours of live learning with participates from a wide spectrum of learners.

-Self passed flexible Online Learning-

Enjoy an interactive executive education experience, completely online There's Nothing Better Than Getting Better. Keep Growing With Unlimited Creative Classes. Grow Without Limits. Discover What You Can Create With our set of Inspiring Classes