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Road traffic Skills Law Enforcement

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Service Description

The Skills programme is based on the South African registered Qualification, Further Education and Training Certificate: Road Traffic Law Enforcement, Registration ID 62289. This Skills programe will provide the broad knowledge, skills and values needed for learners who wish to pursue a career in the road traffic law enforcement or related field. Learners will be provided with the theoretical knowledge and selected practical competencies in physical restraining techniques, fire & marching drills, first aid, gun & drivers licences. The Skills course has competencies in road traffic law enforcement ethics, the legislative framework for traffic law enforcement, attending to road emergencies and the protection of oneself and the public. Further, learners will be able to extend their learning pertaining to specific road traffic law enforcement legislation, advance their driving competencies and/or assess learner drivers and/or vehicles. The learner achieving this Qualification will be able to • Apply knowledge of the ethical framework within which the traffic officer operates. • Apply the legal and regulatory framework that governs the traffic officer's duties and activities. • Demonstrate knowledge of health and safety requirements within the ambit of traffic law enforcement • Demonstrate physical defensive and restraining techniques. Once this Skills course has been completed, learners will be able to pursue the National Certificate: Policing, NQF Level 5 and/or the National Certificate: Traffic Law Enforcement Level 6, Generic Management, NQF Level 5, or Road or Tactical Road Traffic Operations and/or several other parallel articulation programmes. The latter two qualification will make it possible for the learner to become a manager within the road traffic management sector. This Skills programme supports the objectives of the NQF in that it gives the learner access to part of a registered qualification. It will ensure that the quality of education and training in the sub-field is enhanced and of a world-class standard. The course will allow learners not only to develop their knowledge and skills in the field of road traffic law enforcement but will also enable them to benchmark their competence against international standards.

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